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Navy sunrise

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  • Image of Navy sunrise


This was a custom dye that didn’t turn out as planned. I think it’s beautiful, just not as I was expecting. This is why there is only one available.

Sock blanks! All orders will receive the yarn in sock blank form because they are ready to use. When working directly from the blank, there is a wrong side and a right side. The wrong side will not unravel easily and the right side will. Be sure you start by working with the right side/end. If you don't want to work directly from the blank, you can easily wind this into a ball or a cake, just frog the blank and wind as you go!

The yarn is 100% USA product from the merino wool grown in the US to the yarn spun in the US to the yarn knit into sock blanks in the US.

Color(s): navy blue, orange/yellow
Fiber(s): 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon
Weight: sock/fingering
Length/yardage: +/- 435
Care instructions: This can be machine washed gentle cycle (do not dry in dryer), it will not felt. To make sure your finished items keep their vibrant colors, and to better maintain the sparkly fiber, hand wash. Lay flat and shape to dry.