2021 Advent Calendar

2021 Advent Calendar


Let's play charades! Knit$ Chic sounds like...

This advent will test...or tease...your taste buds. You'll either totally understand the reference, or not have a clue and be utterly confused. Either way at the end of this advent you'll have 24 surprise colorways of Percy DK mini skeins, and a handful of surprise swag! (The swag...I have never offered these little things, and I FREAKING LOVE THEM!)

I've never made an advent calendar and decided the year 2021 is the time to jump in!

Months ago I had narrowed down the theme possibilities to 3 choices and let Yarn Baby's Instagram followers vote on which theme they preferred. Schitt's Creek won by a landslide. This calendar is a parody of that choice. I have been thinking about colorways and colorway names for MONTHS. I am so excited about this project! You'll see colorway names like...Quish in the Cheddar, Snazzy Pals, Dissatisfied Canary, The Ravens have Ears, etc. LOL

Here's the details:
Each order will arrive in a box with 24 individually numbered bags to be opened each day of December, 1st-24th.

Each bag will have a mini skein of Percy DK. Each mini skein is 24 yards (10 gram), so after opening each bag you'll have a total of 576 yards, and 24 difference colorways of Percy DK. (For more info about Percy DK skeins, see the Yarn Base link on the home page). EDIT: I just finished dyeing all the mini skeins! I tried to cover a variety of colors and textures -- I really wanted a little bit of everything, everyday a new surprise. I am happy with how they turned out. <3

International orders will ship in early October. Domestic orders will ship in late October/early November. After that, send some positive shipping vibes to the USPS worker bees and cross your fingers that your order will arrive before December 1st.

NOTE: For shipping purposes, please do NOT order an advent calendar(s) along with other skeins currently listed--place a separate order for that. These calendars will not ship until late fall and will ship on their own. All other orders will ship within 1-2 business days.
Thank you!

UPDATE: Each advent will include a recommended crochet design (I altered an existing pattern for DK weight yarn, you would still need to purchase the original pattern), and a brand new knitted shawl design.