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3 available ~

The shades of gray made me think of a foggy day...then my mind went to when you FEEL foggy, which led me to the world “bewildered.” Which seems fitting for our current situation.
(Side note: My husband is working from home in my Yarn Baby room. I had to take down my light booth that I use for taking photos of my skeins. Some of these photos have kind of a gold tint, but the yarn does NOT have that. They are cool colors. I posted the most accurate photos).

These skeins are MASSIVE! They weigh around 9 ounces (250gm) each and have over 460 yards. BIG YARN BABIES! Ideal for larger projects like sweaters, blankets, cardigans, etc.

Color(s): gray, white, speckles of teal, purple, red
Fiber(s): 100% superwash merino
Weight: heavy worsted/Aran
Length/yardage: +/- 464 yards, 250 gm
Care instructions: This can be machine washed gentle cycle (do not dry in dryer), it will not felt. To make sure your finished items keep their vibrant colors, hand wash, lay flat and shape to dry.

PS ~ While these skeins were drying outside, George (my 13 pound Shih Tzu puppy) got ahold of one of them. The little 💩 tangled it up and drug it through the mulch. I untangled it and did my best to clear out all the mulch...but some might still be in there so it has a reduced price.