Convenient Villain

Convenient Villain

8 skeins available

I was the Convenient Villain for many years. I was never the actual villain, but I was made to feel like I was bc looking in the mirror and being accountable for their actions/choices was just too difficult for them. The villain is the dark red, and turquoise and teal represents a splash of crystal clear water exposing the truth...I am not the villain, blaming me was just...convenient.

The Percy DK skeins have more black and less white.

Colors: dark red, teal, turquoise, speckles of black
Yards: Wilma Worsted +\- 210, Percy DK +/- 245
Weight/Base: Wilma heavy worsted. Percy DK weight
Fiber: Wilma 100% superwash merino. Percy DK 75% superwash merino/25% nylon
Care instructions: Superwash wool will not felt in a washing machine (do NOT dry in a dryer). However, I still suggest hand washing, lay flat and shape to dry.