Sunset Gradient Advent 2022

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Sunset Gradient Advent 2022


FYI - Orders placed after November 1st may not get delivered by December 1st. I'll do my best to get all orders shipped by the next business day...but shipping during the holiday season gets risky. Aside from possibly seeing spoilers on social media, there is no harm in starting the advent a few days late.

This year's theme is Sunset Gradient. The completed calendar may be many shades of just one will fade in and out of multiple colors -- YOU WON'T KNOW! Either way, by the 25th of December you'll have 24 surprise colorways on Percy DK, and a handful of surprise swag. Think...chocolate, stitch markers, stickers, candy, you know...all sorts of notions and potions. ;-)

Last but not least, each advent comes with a FREE download of a beautiful crochet pattern/design by Salena Baca, AND a free download of a gorgeous knit pattern/design by Bayron Handmade! Both of these designs can be easily modified to use the yarn in this advent.

The photos in the listing are photos I will use for inspiration. Maybe I will use just one photo, or maybe I will use a combination of photos.

Here's the details:
Each order will arrive in a box with 24 individually numbered bags to be opened each day of December, 1st-24th.

Each bag will have a 20g mini skein of Percy DK (last year I used 10g skeins, so these are twice as big). Each mini skein is 49 yards (20 gram), so after opening each bag you'll have a total of 1,176 yards, and a gradient set on Percy DK. (For more info about Percy DK skeins, see the Yarn Base link on the home page).

International orders will ship in early October. Domestic orders will ship in late October/early November. After that, send some positive shipping vibes to the USPS worker bees (or maybe these will ship via UPS, which ever is quicker and more cost effective) and cross your fingers that your order will arrive before December 1st.

*NOTE: For shipping purposes, please do NOT order an advent calendar(s) along with other skeins currently listed--place a separate order for that.
Thank you!