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Image of Jareth
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Jareth. Remember the ‘80s David Bowie movie, Labyrinth? Ah yes — THAT Jareth. These colors remind me of the movie poster/cover.

This colorway has short bursts of color that gives your work a marbled appearance when knit/crocheted. The swatch in the first photo is knit on the top and crochet on the bottom. It’s interesting how similar it looks in both knit and crochet,

I have wanted to offer a non-superwash base for awhile...and here it is! This base is SOFT and not at all itchy like some non-superwash bases. They are 85% fine merino wool (micron 19.5) and 15% silk. YUM! With that amount of silk, these skeins won’t felt.

Color(s): rusty orange, plum, sage blue, gray, cream
Fiber(s): 85% merino wool (19.5 micron), 15% mulberry silk
Weight: 2-ply, sock/fingering
Length/yardage: +/- 491 yards, 100 gm
Care instructions: hand wash, lay flat and shape to dry.