Recycled Wool, Tencel

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Recycled Wool, Tencel


As I stated in the newsletter, I have been researching new yarn bases for my shop. One of the deciding factors for me is how the yarn base dyes. As an indie dyer, I need to be able to know how colors will look on the yarn before I paint them on the yarn. Some bases take dye better than others. These did not make the cut for me. That does NOT mean they aren't lovely and that nobody will like them. It simply means they will not be a staple in my shop. I've listed them anyway for others who may like the fiber content, the colors, the weight, etc.

Tencel is a plant fiber that has a subtle sheen. I like tencel, but for whatever reason these skeins did not dye at all how I expected.

Colors: gray, some brown/gray hints
Yards: +\- 383, 100 grams
Weight: fingering / sock weight
Fiber: 50% recycled wool, 50% tencel
Care instructions: hand wash, lay flat and shape to dry.