The Matterhorn

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The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn! We visited Zermatt, Switzerland and took multiple trams up the mountain to become nearly eye-level with this mountain masterpiece. I grew up in Utah, and now live in Colorado, I have been around the Rocky Mountains my whole life and they do not compare to how dramatic this mountain is unbelievably steep. It's a near-perfect, natural pyramid! I can't believe humans have climbed to the top. Just being eye-level made it hard to breath. Colorado has many mountain peaks that are higher in elevation than this -- but we were all struggling to breath.

This is my go-to DK base for my shop. It’s a standard staple of superwash merino and nylon, making it soft and resilient for any project.

Colors: white, dark navy blue, black
Yards: +\- 246
Weight: Percy DK
Fiber: 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon
Care instructions: Superwash wool will not felt in a washing machine (do NOT dry in a dryer). However, I still suggest hand washing, lay flat and shape to dry.