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Yarn Bases


WILLIE USA SOCK: (Sock Blanks are made with this base) 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon, +/-434 yards, 115gm. These skeins are a 4-ply base made in America from American sheep. These skeins have a durable crispy feel. They are perfect for socks, beanies, and other projects that need durability. The drape is pretty good, but for shawls and drool-drape worthy projects I prefer the Tabitha skeins.

TABITHA SOCK: 80% micron 19.5 superwash merino (the lower the micron number the finer/softer the wool. Micron 19.5 is VERY fine), 20% nylon, +/-450 yards, 100gm. This base comes from the UK. They are a lighter fingering weight and the drape is out-of-this-world fabulous. I like this base for shawls, scarves, snuggly cardigans, etc.

GLITZY SOCK: 92% superwash merino, 8% lurex, +/-409 yards, 115gm. These skeins come from Peru. They are 4-ply. Of all the sparkly bases I have encountered, these are by far my favorite. The lurex makes them very sparkly and the sparkle doesn’t disappear in the dye. If you want something extra special/unique, these are for you.


PERCY DK: 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon, +/-246 yards, 100gm. This base comes from both large and small farms in Argentina and/or Uruguay. They are 4-ply, with a lovely drape and durability. I use this base for any pattern that calls for DK weight yarn.

LUNA LUSH DK: 70% superwash merino, 30% silk, +/-231 yards, 100 gm. This base comes from both large and small farms in Argentina and/or Uruguay. They are 4-ply with incredible sheen (from the silk), and beautiful drape. The silk gives these a  cooler/colder feel. I work with this base year around, but I especially enjoy silk blends during the warmer summer months. These are very luxurious!


WHOPPER WORSTED: 100% superwash merino, +/-464 yards, 250gm. This base comes from the UK. They are 4-ply slightly heavy worsted weight yarn. These skeins are HUGE! A lovely quantity for sweaters, blankets, and other large projects. This has been my hand-down favorite worsted base for many years.

WILMA WORSTED: This base is the same as the Kaidence base except the skeins are smaller, +/-200 yards.


BETSY BULKY: 100% superwash merino, +/-106 yards, 100gm. This base comes from both large and small farms in Argentina and/or Uruguay. These 3-ply skeins are very smooth and soft. They are perfect for quick projects like beanies, cowls, etc.


This category is for discontinued bases, and new bases I like to try just for fun. Chances are that when they're gone, they are gone. But everyone needs to try new things every once in awhile, so here they are.