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I didn't write down how I dyed these the first time I dyed them...but wanted to see if I could repeat it and write it down for future reference. The skeins that are ready to ship right now can be see in the second photo. I dyed just 4 more as a test run.

The earthy green with gold tones and a hint of denim blue...I wasn't thinking St. Patrick's Day, but these do fit the bill.

Wilma Worsted - a new base that is the exact same is Whopper Worsted, but in a regular size. The Whopper skeins weigh 9 oz and are big as my head. Wilma skeins are 4 oz and are more like a regular heavy worsted size.

Colors: earthy green, gold tones, gray, denim blue
Yards: +\- 210
Weight: heavy worsted
Fiber: 100% superwash merino
Care instructions: Superwash wool will not felt in a washing machine (do NOT dry in a dryer). However, I still suggest hand washing, lay flat and shape to dry.

NOTE: Most tap water has a higher than desirable (for hand-dyed wool) pH level. You can neutralize this by simply adding 2 tablespoons, per gallon of water, of white vinegar to your wash water. That will neutralize the pH levels and help maintain the vibrant colors.