Neon Matt

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Neon Matt

The weather has started to really cool down in my area. The other morning I was watching the crossing guards near my kid's schools and thought...they really need a brightly colored wool beanie! Bright colors so they can be seen from far away, and superwash wool for warmth and washability.

This is my go-to DK base for my shop. It’s a standard staple of superwash merino and nylon, making it soft and resilient for any project.

Colors: neon yellow skein, bright greenskein
Yards: +\- 246
Weight: Percy DK
Fiber: 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon
Care instructions: Superwash wool will not felt in a washing machine (do NOT dry in a dryer). However, I still suggest hand washing, lay flat and shape to dry.

NOTE: Most tap water has a higher than desirable (for hand-dyed wool) pH level. You can neutralize this by simply adding 2 tablespoons, per gallon of water, of white vinegar to your wash water. That will neutralize the pH levels and help maintain the vibrant colors.