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She Creature

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I recently was watching a show where the characters were watching an old movie about a women swimming with some sort of sea creature...I tired to find the name of the movie (it isn’t The Shape of Water), and She Creature is what came up. It’s not the correct movie, I went with it anyway *shrugs* The splashes of turquoise with the gold and forest green are magical!

SILK SKEINS ARE HERE! It’s been years since I have dyed 100% silk skeins and I am having so much fun with these! I forgot how different they are from wool! They have ZERO stretch - keep that in mind if you make a garment. The yardage from my supplier says they are +/- 437 yards, but when I measured one skein (using just an Amish swift...nothing 100% accurate), I got +/- 394 yards. I am listing them as around 400 yards.

Color(s): forest green, gold, turquoise, white
Fiber(s): 100% tussah silk
Weight: sock/fingering, 2-ply
Length/yardage: +/- 400 yards, 100g
Care instructions: hand wash with delicate detergent (do NOT bleach, bleach destroys silk), lay flat or hang to dry.