Splendid Spring

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Splendid Spring

I enjoy finding color combos. This one screams spring to me. I love the bright bold colors. Because they share some of the same dye colors, they would make a lovely fade/blend.
This yarn base is 100% made in America and are thicker with a more springy/crisp feel than my other sock weight bases. They are also 115 gm as opposed to 100 gm.
This base is great for many project; socks, beanies, sweater, blankets, etc.

Pink: bright pink, speckles of green, teal, purple, yellow
Green: green, speckles of pink, turquoise, yellow, orange
Orange: rusty orange, speckles of teal, purple, green, pink

Fiber(s): 80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon
Weight: 4-ply sock/fingering
Length/yardage: +/- 434 yards, 115 gm
Care instructions: This can be machine washed gentle cycle (do not dry in dryer), it will not felt. To make sure your finished items keep their vibrant colors, hand wash, lay flat and shape to dry.